Trip Planning

Travel-Trip Planning

Trip Planning

Plan your trip with recommendations from friends and Rated by Time magazine as 50 best websites in 2011. It connects users with friends and travelers to make plans and share travel ideas. Helping you to discover the best restaurants, hotel, shops and fun things around the world.

Reviews and advices for travel related products and services from is a website providing information and reviews of hotels, flights, restaurants and travel related contents.

Plan your tours with suggestions from local is a personal tour planner with suggested day by day itineraries from local experts. A map with suggested traveling routes and description of each activity provide convenience and take your guesswork out from scratch in planning.

Wealth of data for planning trips around the Travel planning tools and resources in one place. Good resource for planning hostel hopping between places and RTW trips for budget travels.

Exploring a city in a day or even in a half provides 12hours itineraries of major cities around the world for travelers whose time is limited.

The concierge for the world premier ticket eventsBeck & is an exclusive member only web site offering tailor made travel service to world premier events such as world cup……..etc.

Smithsonian Smithsonian offers 200 tours worldwide, behind the scenes access.

Budge your tripBudget Your provides travel expense guide line for cities and countries around the world to help travelers to plan and track their travel cost.

Travel Planner

Vacation a plug and play vacation builder makes trip planning simple and fun.

Get ideas for place to go and plan your an online travel planning website with city and country guides allows users to research and plan their trips on a single interface.

Travel Abroad Like Locals

Unique things to do with a marketplace for travelers looking for authentic experience with locals.

Unique travel experience with the connects travelers with locals who are ready to show them around.

Private tours by connects travelers and arrange tours with private local guides.

Get travel advices and tips from travel agents in 170 countries a travel platform connecting travelers and 70,000 travel agents across the world.

Ask a question and get answer from local provides recommendations from local perspective. You may find things that are not listed in tour books.

Neighborhood guides around the views of city by local artists, stylists, photographers and more.

Travel Ideas

Theme park source for theme park reviews, top attractions, top restaurants and theme park vacation planning,

Tailor made trips offer unique run by an award winning tour operator offers creative and cutting edge tours such as honeymoon around the world, 10 night trip cycling Himalayas, learn the way of Ninja in Japan etc.

Planning an African safari tour? the largest online marketplace with 939 specialized safari operators, covered 8 major safari countries and 138 parks & reserves. The ultimate place to research and book your safari tours.

The best of the best in Paris, London, New provides unbiased info on what are hip and cool in the most exiting cities across the global.

Cool events around the an online platform allows you to book activities, guided tours, tickets to museums, attractions, shows and events around the world.

Handpicked travel suggestions for family with a travel web site that introduces kid friendly hotels and destinations. Travel suggestions are based on the age of your kids. Great travel planning resource for family with kids.

Sailing with chartered a planning and booking platform enable people who love the open sea to joint in for chartered sailing vacations.

Scenic drive around the a road trip planner features interactive maps, drive overviews, places of interest, side trips, weather forecast and directions. Great resources for road trip planning.

Educational a not for profit organization that provides educational tours in US and 150 other countries.

Festival around the a festival community connects festival goers and share contents about festival experiences.

Get inspired and tailor to your inspires travelers with special events, activities and deals. Plan trips tailor to your taste and travel budgets.

Get inspired for travel an online travel planning web site provides travel ideas based on destination, travel theme and activities.

Global inspiration from Conde Nast tips for food, fashions, and top destinations.

Party location of your offers a list of venues for parties and events in 615 cities in 63 countries.

View the world from bird’s eyeTravel by a website with collection of video footages taken by drones all over the world. It is fun to see the places from an aerial view.

Train travel around the a complete train travel guide with detail information and tips for train travel around the world.

Discover activities and attractions in a tour guide that shows you where to go and what to do.

Special interest

Plan your golf trips around the golfscape lets you plan and book golf games in the US and 47 countries.

Dine with a global market place to connect local hosts with travelers seeking special culinary experiences.

Wine travel around the a wine travel encyclopedia, a travel guide to winemaking region globally. It features wine hotels, wineries, wine tours and special offers.

Unique adventure travel an online platform offers extreme and outdoor sport activities around the world.

Camping around the world in a complete source for luxury outdoor accommodations from floating lodges in Cambodia to tree houses in Italy.

Bike rental or bike a worldwide online service that lets you rent a bike or list one.

Bicycle tours around the represents 100 local bicycle tour operators in 70 countries with more than 400 tours.

Deals on lift ticketsliftopia offers discount of up to 80% off ski lift ticket at more than 120 resorts in the US and Canada.

Best of the best festivals around the the fortune 500 list of the festivals around the world. It is a complete resource for festival goers with reviews, travelogues and directories

Tours for connects crafters and craft instructors around the world and allow crafters to combine travel with their hobbies.

Spiritual and wellness retreats around the with a list of 6822 retreats around the world, Retreat Guru is an online global community for retreat teachers and students.


Handpicked tours and a leading provider for city tours, helicopter tours, day trips, show tickets and sightseeing day tours

Tours and activities in Paris, London and 17 US serves as travel agent and tour guide for sightseeing, day trips, food and walking tours.

Unusual tours around the a travel resource and data base of unusual tours and unique trips to exotic destinations around the world and around US.

Bicycle tours around the represents 100 local bicycle tour operators in 70 countries with more than 400 tours

Expert guided tourscontexttravel provides small group tours that engage travelers with local experts for in depth experiences in history, culture and art

Tours for connects crafters and craft instructor around the world and allow crafters to combine travel with their hobbies.

The trendiest places in thrillist has specific information on what to do, what to eat and what to buy in major cities around the world.

Find the best a tour search engine allows you to discover and compare tours from more than 400 operators with user reviews of their services.

Free walking and offer free walking tours in major cities around the world.


Travel an online resource for unbiased travel news, deals and timely travel advices.

Last minute travel a provider of last minute travel deals on hotels, flights, rental cars and cruises.

Attraction pass save up to 55% in major US offers city attraction pass that save up to 55% on combined admission price for top museums and attractions.

Travel a global internet media company employs more than 250 deal experts worldwide to search and evaluate deals from 2,000 travel, entertainment and local businesses.

Vacation packages for costco offers special deals on vacations, hotels, cruises, rental cars exclusively for costco members.

Looking for a travel partner

Find a travel partner a network that connects partners for someone who travels alone. This is a not-for-profit international organization of individuals sharing tips on solo traveling and promoting hospitality.

Find an Earthwatch will hook you up with a roommate on research expeditions. Most members are paying volunteers who travel alone.

Where lone-travelers meet- Post your destination and find a suitable travel partner at – and

Tours and vacation travel for women traveling provides small group travel services for single women or women traveling alone.

Educational travel for solo a not for profit organization that provides educational tours in US and 150 other countries for single and older adults.

Need a cruising roommate? offers free roommate matching service for cruises and other onboard programs for those looking to save money by taking advantage of double-occupancy cabin rate.

Road Trippers

Inspiration, maps and advice for your road

Road trip planner and

Interstate exit guide, the road trip stop

Find the cheap gas station near

Car Rentals

Worldwide car offers car rental services in more than 6,000 locations worldwide at discount prices.

Compare and get the cheapest worldwide car rental services allows you compare price from all suppliers and pick the cheapest rate.

Deals for Costco offers special deals on rental cars exclusively for Costco members.

Car rental compares rates from all names and find rental that fits your budget.

Rent the car you a nationwide car sharing marketplace which allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles.

Rent car by the hour from the people around platform for social car sharing, to rent a car or to rent out yours.

RV Rental

Local RV a community driven RV rental marketplace comprised of independent dealers and private owners.

Boat Rental

Boat rental around the a market place for boat rentals and charters in 143 countries.


One stop shop for train and bus in Europe and North allows you to compare and book bus and train in Europe and North America.

Door to door a global trip planner connecting you from your home to the door of destination with info of local transportation of bus, train, ferry and flight.

Travel Europe by a one stop shop for European rail travel with maps, schedules and fares for over 50 different train companies across Europe. – eurail, Eurail sells global pass that allow you to travel up to 24 European countries by train. a bus company operating throughout Europe and northern America. the largest intercity bus provider with 3,800 destinations in US and Canada. a low cost and limit stop intercity bus carrier in northeast and west coast in United State.

Ride on a transportation network connects drivers with someone looking for a ride.

Alternative to taxi and a transportation network match drivers and passengers.

Charter a rail car. You can charter a rail car from $3,500-$5,000 a day for family gathering or corporate events, which includes crew and food.

Airport Transfer

Transportation from airport to city displays transportation options and costs for getting from airport to city center in 40 major cities around the world.

Connected Abroad

Stay connected while you are on the provides global wi-fi services at more than 1 million hotspots worldwide, including airports, hotels, cafés and more.

Global wi-fi hot pot an international wi-fi hot pot rental offers portable internet access in over 175 counties.

International cell phones and SIM offers affordable cell phone and internet services for travelers aboard.

Budget Travelers

Travel on a Price of Travel provides pricing guide for more than 100 cities around the world, great source for budget travelers.

Attraction pass save up to 55% in major US offers city attraction pass that save up to 55% on combined admission price for top museums and attractions.

Culture exchange through a non-profit community based travel organization promoting study tours.

Travel with Pets

Plan a pet friendly a pet friendly travel guide offers 25,000 plus pet friendly hotels in America with listing of pet events, pet shops, pet sitters, veterinarians, pet friendly airlines, parks, beaches, and restaurants.

Door to Door Luggage Shipping

Ship luggage Luggage Forward specialize in door to door luggage and sport equipment shipping services to more than 200 counties worldwide.

Outdoor adventure in US and aboard

Meet new friends and great people in outdoor a social network to connect adventurers and fun seekers with the same interest.

Fall Color in West Coast tracks and provides update reports with real time photos for more than 50 foliage spots around California. where you can find information, maps and tips on fall color spots along Hwy 395 in Eastern Sierra.

Wine Road in Sonoma California

Wine provides information for 186 wineries and 56 lodging in Sonoma County, California.

Health Advisory for International Travel

Information and tips for staying healthy Center for Disease Control and Prevention has up to date information about disease and health news around the world.

International Association for Medical Assistance to provides up to date travel health advise and directory of local doctors and clinics.

For Students Traveling Abroad

Students a government website provides practical information for students traveling abroad.

Special Diet on the Road

Gluten free with user submitted dinning and travel reviews, this site gives you access to restaurants, hotels and cruises that can accommodate gluten free diets.

Travel Insurance

Make the right choice of your travel voted best travel insurance review and comparison web site help you to pick the best deal with zero complain guarantee.

Travel insurance resource for travel insurance guides and how to compare and find the best travel insurance.

Compare and find the compare plans from 25 companies and find the one that fits your situation.

My Time Zone

The world time zone it features world time zone map, world clock, worldwide weather, and holidays worldwide.


Mobile Applications

All in one travel, are trouble free apps to keep all of your travel plans in one place. Simply forward your email confirmation of booking to the app platform and it will manage your itinerary.

Plan and organize your it maps out a day trip with suggestion for things to see and do.

Book taxi on your book a ride to your location on your phone.

Easy ride sharing on your connects drivers and passengers for long distance travel.

Street maps and street maps, turn by turn driving direction, street view.

Database for more than 28,000 destinations around the lets you download maps, city guides and recommendations and use them offline.

Find nearby restaurant, hotel and to find nearby restaurants, hotels, shops and local business with user review.

Find nearby restaurants and see real time table to find nearby restaurant, make reservation and get directions.

First American Red Cross first aid app give you instant access to information you need to know to handle most comment emergency including bleeding, hypothermia, meningitis and more.

Universal voice interprets 32 languages in voice. Cost $2.99 for iphone, ipad, ipod touch.

Connects you for quality care around the lists medical providers and pharmacies in cities across the global as well as lets you make appointments.

Live translation to help to facilitate emergency provides human power translation service, powered by a global community of 23000 translators speaking over 150 languages.

Apps for iPhone & iPad Only

Personal safety App protects you for unforeseen is a personal safety smartphone app that captures and safeguards video and connects to local emergency services with 146 countries. Cost $2.99 per month.

Fund your road trip by carrying a neighbor to neighbor shipping network allows shippers to find someone going the same directions.

Keep your friends and family updated with your travel an APP allows you to make a travel journal with photos, notes and locations where you have been to keep friends and family in the loop.

Find the cheapest gas nearby gasguru and gasbuddy.


Check your passport before you go, some countries require your passport has six months remaining before expiration or has certain number of blank pages. Check entry/exit requirements of foreign countries at State Department web site,

If you plan to drive abroad, you should be aware that many countries do not accept U.S. driver license, but most honor the international driving permit (IDP). An IDP is an official translation of a U.S. driver license with 11 languages and is available at any local AAA office.

Safe guard your identity while you are away home. Do not use public Wi-Fi hotspots, these will give chance for the thieves to hack into and steal information on your device. Create and use hotspot on your mobile phone.

You pay fees on both end with traveler’s check, cheaper by using credit card.

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