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Get exclusive discount pricing not available to the general public Book with them and save from 10% to 60% on First Class and Business Class airfare to international destinations.

Best airfare deals of the day, flash sales, promo codes, mistake provides best airfare deals of the day by analyzes social media, news letter and more.

Airfare and hotel price provides services of airfare price tracking and help you to get refund if price drop after you book.

Track your airfare provides airfare tracking services with email notification of special deals and airline promotion code fares.

Online tool that help you find the best using software that developed by MIT computer scientist to indentify the best available fares and route options, then go to that airline’s web site to book.

Fly at lowest price yearly price trend unveils the best timing for your vacation.

Find deals and travel tips SmarterTravel is an online travel resource that provides travel guides for destination around the world and money saving tips for travelers. It offers the best weekly travel deals and latest promotion that researched by their experienced travel experts.

Save money on 1st class travel

Luxury flights at a discount provider for business and first class tickets with 30-70% off the published rates.

Exclusive discount first and business class offers premium international airfares on overseas travel that are not available to general public.

Find a way to save up to 50% for business and first class travel They use proprietary routing technology and global alliances to offer the best value on international premium traveling.

Save 30-70% on business and 1st connects you with travel agents who have the best relationship with airlines to get the best deals that not post on the web.

Charter Flights

Charter flights at affordable offers private charter flight service and schedule flights at the same price as flying commercial from SF to LA and SF to LV.

Shuttle provides shuttle flights between NYC and Boston and Caribbean with 8 seats propjet.

VIP shuttle flights for the cost of provides public shuttle flights service to New York City, Cincinnati, Chicago, Cleveland and Charlotte.

Check before selecting your seats Select an airline, you will get a list of airplanes that the airline use and diagram of interior of each model. SeatGuru shows info of seat pitch, width and rate seat with color code. Good seats are green, yellow seats have some issues and red seats with troubles. SeatGuru also provide information on food service, baggage fee, and pet policies.

Looking for a pleasant flight? rated airline with happiness score based on leg room, roomier seat, flight entertainment, power plug and flier’s ratings.

Flights and airport status in one source an industry tracker provides live flight data, airport delays, fuel price, weather maps, flight planning, and flight routes for both private and commercial flights worldwide as well as flight tracking and airport data for travelers. provider of real time global flights and airport information. Their apps will often let you know if your flight get delayed or cancelled before it is posted at the gate.

Airline fees

Airline ticket may not be the final cost of your air fare. It adds on with luggage fee, in-flight foods or extra cost for booking your flight on the phone with airline agents. Now, and have an one page guideline for airline fees. You may also download the chart of Ultimate Guide to Airline Fees at

Luggage delivered to your final destination from airport provides luggage delivery service from airport to your home, hotel, office or any location in more than 270 airports nationwide. Place your order online one hour before your check in time and enjoy your flight. Your luggage will be delivered to your destination in 4-6 hours after your arrival. Save your time and energy collecting and carrying your luggage.

Travel with pets provides airline pet travel policies and tips for traveling with pets. A pet friendly airport map gives you the location of animal relief areas at each airport in the US.

Know your right and get help

The air travel offers air travel assistance for flight planning, flight monitoring and urgent assistance for delayed or canceled flights. if you have an unsolved issue or mistreated by airline. is a largest non-profit consumer organization in the United State representing airline passengers.

Get compensation for cancelled or delayed provides legal services to help air passengers to get compensation for cancelled or delayed flights that within or in and out of Europe.

Royalty programs

Maximize your a web site shows you the way and strategy to maximize your points and get the most out from the frequent flier program.

Reward program, a free online mileage manager keep track the balance of your loyalty reward programs such as frequent flyer miles, hotel and credit card points. It alerts you when your miles are going to expire.

Get advices for your frequent flyer offers news and advices of how to choose a program and strategies and tactics to maximize your miles, trusted source for frequent flyers.

Maximize your reward using strategy that developed with algorithm to help travelers to reach their destination sooner than they think.

Award seats shows how many award seats available on each flight.

The mileage award booking provides mileage award booking service for international first and business tickets.

Having trouble redeem your award tickets? a service helping people maximizes their miles and points and redeems their award tickets.

Get the most value out of your mileage helps clients to maximize frequent flyer miles and credit card points.


File a complaint against an,

Hold airline is the largest non-profit airline consumer organization aimed at organizing passengers to pass the Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights. If you have ever been stranded or forced to wait for hours inside an airplane that’s still on the tarmac, check this site to see how you can fight back and protect your consumer rights.


Airport Lounge You don’t have to be the elite member to get access to the airport lounge. It is open to any traveler with a reasonable fee LoungeBuddy covers more than 1,000 lounges at 200 airports around the world and tells you everything you need to know, location at the airport, operating hours, descriptions, amenities and more. It is also displays lounges that you may access at no cost and others that you may access for a fee.

Airport lounge access its airport lounge program allows members to use airport lounge in 700 airports around the world.

Airport parking--find the cheapest airport parkingbestparking.comcompare price on an interactive map to find the cheapest and most convenient parking garage.


  • The best deal on air fare is usually 7 weeks out travel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday for domestic flight and 11-12 weeks out for international flights. Monday and Friday are usually very busy business travel days. According to the study of ARC that fares can be 20% cheaper on the weekend and 25% lower if they included a Saturday-night stay.
  • For domestic flights, airlines often announce fare sales on Monday nights, and other airlines match those sales on Tuesday morning which means there will be greatest number of sale tickets available by Tuesday noon.
  • For trips to Europe, fares can be 40% less expensive if Saturday night included.
  • Airlines usually unload their unsold seats to bargain web sites. These web sites use dynamic pricing models which adjust fares from moment to moment as the seats start to sell so do not assume the bargain fare will stay. It is a good idea to check these sites frequently.
  • Many airlines charge $20-$30 fee for tickets that purchase through live representative. To avoid that, purchase your ticket on their web site or find out what is the best fare by talking to the agent then hang up and purchase that online.
  • Airlines are offering more deals to passengers who book flights directly on their web site to steer people away from online travel agents which charge commission to the carriers. Some airline does not allow passengers to get seat assignment till check in if they purchase their fare through online travel agent. So it is wise to check back with airline once you find deal from online travel agents.
  • Some airlines like Virgin America and US Airway offer last minute upgrade from economy class to first class for $50-$500 each way at 24 hours or less prior flight time. Check with your airline for any program they may have.
  • Department of Transportation rules give fliers a grace period of 24 hours on air ticket purchase. You can cancel the ticket and rebook without any penalty if you make any mistake on booking.
  • Lap child (younger than 2) ticket cost 10% of an adult ticket on international flight while it is free in domestic flight.

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