Resources for starting a business

SBA tools can help you navigate the process of starting a

For information of attorneys in your

For information on CPA in your area

Everything you need to publish your book, music, and provides tools and services to help people to complete, publish, and distribute their books, music and films.

Free advice for small connects entrepreneurs with mentors to provide advices and guidance to help them to build and grow their business.

Find the best the complete source of franchise information, grades over 2,500 franchises.

Get your great ideas to life a user driven online startups community where entrepreneurs and investors meet. an online platform of a New York base research and development company to allow inventors to submit their ideas and to assist them in the development process through community participation. The company lets inventors to sell their products on an online store as well as major retail stores like Home Depot and Best Buy.

Crowd Funding

Need venture capital for your business ideas? Crowd funding is the way to get supports. a crowd funding site to help creative ideas to life. Creators keep 100% ownership of the business and the donors receive rewards for their contributions. a global network for equity and investment. Crowd funder connects entrepreneurs with investors around the world to fund their business. one of the largest global fundraising site for great ideas in music, technology, film, gaming, small business etc. an online fundraising site for nonprofit organization and charities. an online platform allows APP developer to get funding and get things off the ground. Its scoring system is a great way to discover the best APP. a crowd funding platform for investors and owners of restaurants, bars and bakeries. a global platform run by non-profit organization allows people to lend money to low income underserved entrepreneurs and students in 86 countries.

Angel Money one of the largest angel investor group in the US provides seed money and early stage funding to business in southern California. an online platform connects investors and deep tech startups. an online public fund raising platform for startups.

Business Loans a small business lending platform where savers to lend money directly to small and medium sized businesses. an automated lending platform provides funding directly to small businesses and consumers. an online market place connects small business with the best funding source. provide business term loans and line of credit from $5,000 to $250,000 to small business. Small business financing with invoice funding and line of credit.

Peer to peer lending a market place providing person to person lending with bidding process to get competitive rates for loan. an online market place connects borrowers and investors.


Online market place for freelance works and short term jobs a leading market place for services, starting from $5. a global online platform where business and professional freelancers meet. to find and hire freelancers you need. an online marketplace that offers jobs and services for audio transcription, video captions and document translations. get immediate consultation with a retired technical expert.

Online Business

Free online website a free website building platform empower anyone to create their own website with simple step and no design skill needed.

Build your own website in 3 easy provides website building services with over 9,500 different templates and themes to chose from.

The best web hosting provides reviews and rating for best website host service.


Online classified a classified advertisement website for jobs, housing, services, personal items, item wanted, etc.

Accept credit card payment with your smart phone or square register allows individual and merchants process credit cards with smart phone or tablet computer.

Pet Business

Pet sitter a world leading organization provides education and support for animal lovers with a desire to start and grow successful pet-sitting business.


Secured file for business and provides secured online storage enable your team members have access to the latest version of any file anywhere.

Virtual office

Transform your business with a virtual a cloud base business VoIP phone services with instant message, auto attendant, and video conferencing.

Virtual Interviews

Improve quality and speed up hiring process with video interview

Document Creator

Online Word

Free Office

Professional Document

Free Online Document

Electronic Signature

Get your document signed

Business courses

The Entrepreneur’s 24 half-hour lectures give you the skills to be successful in business venture.

Furniture rental

Event offers furniture rental for all events and corporate meetings.

Online appointment scheduling software

Online meeting and appointment scheduling software that helps you save time and be more competitive

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