Cash in your old cell phone

Electronic waste is gowning exponentially. Americans buy more than 100 million cell phones each year and only 5% recycled according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Those thrown away phones represent 65,000 tons of electronic waste ends up in the land fill where toxins from their batteries, coatings, and resisters leak into the ground and atmosphere. But now, there are some programs by –, –, – provide opportunity for the eco-minded people to get paid while recycle their old cell phones. Why not turn your unused cell phone into a little pocket cash and help the environment. Most of these programs are simple and convenient. They provide a list of phone model with quote on their web site. Once you accept the offer, you will get a shipping label to send it in. After they receive the phone, they will examine it and send you a check if that is in working condition.


Recycle your electronic for trade in your old gadgets for cash or donate it to a charity.

Best Buy gives old tech new trade in or recyle your old eletronic at local Best Buy stores.


Turn your closet into upload photos of your items onto its online catalog. Once it sells, the company will send you a shipping packet to mail it directly to the buyer.

Luxury consignment a marketplace where members can sell and buy luxury high end resale items from top designers.

Second hand shopping one of the world largest online fashion resale shop.


Upcycle ideas and ideas and suggestion for re-use old stuff into something new or useful.

Discover upcycle products and a place to discover great upcycle products and post upcycle ideas.

To give and receive freestufffreecycle.orgA network for people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own towns and keeping good stuff out of lansfills.

Car Batteries, Used engine oil, Used auto parts

Auto zone is one of the many nationwide retailer committed to protect our environment. It’s recycle program encourage customer to recycle old battery with $10 payment for each battery they bring in at its retail store for up to 2 batteries per family per day. Auto zone collect and recycle million of lead battery, 8.5 million of used oil and 13,000 tons of scrap metal (used auto parts) each year.

Home Appliance

Most cities have residential pick up service as part of their recycle program. Contact your local public work service department.

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