Donation, charity

Donation, Charity

How to select a charity that works best for your donation

Most charities are rated based on factors like administrative ratio and the salaries of their top management. But what you should look at is the efficiency of the administration, how is your money going to be spent and where is the money going to. Following are web site that provide information and rating of the charities based on these criteria





Check eligibility of organization to receive tax-deductible contribution before you give your donation IRS provides a list of organizations eligible to receive tax deductible, charitable contributions.


Donations to schools and hospitals that are run for profit don’t qualify for tax deduction

Donation and Online Giving

Sponsor a child and fight world a Christian humanitarian organization working in nearly 100 countries worldwide aimed to help children in need.

Change the world, fight poverty an international confederation of 17 organizations working in 94 countries worldwide to find solutions for poverty.

A new way to give Recycling old phones

Electronic waste is gowning exponentially. Americans buy more than 100 million cell phones each year. Most of the replaced old cell phones end up in the land fill where toxins from their batteries, coatings, and resisters leak into the ground and atmosphere. But now, there are some programs that provide opportunity for the eco-minded donor to recycle their old sell phone while helping the poor and the needed people in the world. the company partners with 300 nonprofit organizations which pays $15 per phone that collected through these group and refurbished phones go to low income users in Latin America.

Source for Starting your own charity The US government gives more money to the charities than the private sectors (corporation, foundation and individuals).

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